Blended Fabric

We have an exclusive collection of Blended Fabrics, which is idyllically used in textile and garment industries for designing and fabricating dresses, scarves, stoles and stylish range of cloth lines. The blended fabrics are the combination of two different types of yarns that resulted in a third one containing the properties of both fabrics. Clients can avail various designs, patterns and coloring effects in these fabrics. These fabrics are admired for excellent coloring effect, mesmerizing design, optimum softness and stylish pattern.

Cotton Silk

The Cotton Silk fabric is ideally used in garment and textile industry for designing scarves, stoles, upholstery, shirts, dresses and other home decorative items. This fabric range is designed as per the latest fashion trend by blending cotton and silk yarns. Smoothness, silkiness, skin friendliness, vivacious coloring impact, long lasting nature and compelling design are the outstanding features of our fabrics.

Polyester X Cotton Fabric

Polyester x Cotton Fabric is suitably utilized in garment industries for designing clothes, dresses, upholstery, stoles, scarves and various home ornamenting items. This fabric range that is also known as 50’s PC is blended with cotton and polyester threads that bring in a dual dyeing effect in the garment. Our printed or solid dyed pattern for fabrics is highly appraised for its exclusive coloring effect, smooth texture, optimum softness and enchanting design.

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